How to Setup and Use TiviMate

TiviMate is a Free app giving you access to your live IPTV subscription, including movies or series. This application is compatible with several media such as the android box, the phone or the tablet.

This step by step tutorial will provide you with instructions to install and use TiviMate on Firestick, Fire TV and Android TV Box.

TiviMate is a popular all-inclusive IPTV player that works with IPTV services that provide an M3U URL.

Install TiviMate on Firestick / Fire TV / Android Box

Once you have opened and registered an account, you can install the TiviMate application and configure your favorite IPTV service.

So first install the TiviMate application on an Amazon Fire TV 4K USB key and load this application in parallel as it is not available in the Amazon App Store.

If you use an Android TV Box, it is most likely that this application is available in the Google Play Store. Just search for "TiviMate IPTV Player" and install it.

You can also see TiviMate Companion when you perform this search. This application is only used to register for the premium service I cover below.

How to install IPTV in TiviMate

Once the installation of the application is completed, we can open the application and allow the use of an IPTV service.

NOTE : The initialization of an IPTV service in TiviMate requires an M3U URL. This is usually found in the welcome email of your IPTV service or by contacting customer service.

NOTE IMPORTANTE : We have noticed that the configuration in TiviMate will not work if your VPN is enabled. Make sure you turn off your VPN before integrating your IPTV service in this application.

Once the installation is complete, feel free to connect to your VPN to ensure secure streaming.

Follow the steps below to integrate the IPTV service in TiviMate:

1. Open the TiviMate application and click on the Add Playlist button.

Abonnement TiviMate

2. Click on the Xtream Codes connection

Abonnement TiviMate

3. Enter the information provided for your subscription :

  • Server address
  • Username
  • The Password
Abonnement TiviMate

4. Save the information and give your playlist a name, then click Done. You are now connected to your IPTV service.

Abonnement TiviMate

Note: for a better operation of the IPTV service, always use a wired connection with the internet to avoid losses, never in Wifi.

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